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ZX32.5: Raw Edged V-Belt
ZX32.5: Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belt
Wt: 0.05 Kg
ZX57693 Premium
£ 3.95 ex VAT
ZX29.5: Raw Edged V-Belt
ZX29.5: Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belt
Wt: 0.05 Kg
ZX57692 Premium
£ 8.30 ex VAT
ZW85-100: Spacing Washer
ZW85-100: Distance Washer
d: 85mm D: 100mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57691 SKF
£ 2.35 ex VAT
ZW75-85: Spacing Washer
ZW75-85: Distance Washer
d: 75mm D: 85mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57690 SKF
£ 2.70 ex VAT
ZW70-80: Spacing Washer
ZW70-80: Distance Washer
d: 70mm D: 80mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57689 SKF
£ 1.85 ex VAT
ZW60-68: Spacing Washer
ZW60-68: Distance Washer
d: 60mm D: 68mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57688 SKF
£ 1.95 ex VAT
ZW50-62: Spacing Washer
ZW50-62: Distance Washer
d: 50mm D: 62mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57687 SKF
£ 1.25 ex VAT
ZW45-55: Spacing Washer
ZW45-55: Distance Washer
d: 45mm D: 55mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0.01 Kg
ZX57686 SKF
£ 1.25 ex VAT
ZW42-52: Spacing Washer
ZW42-52: Distance Washer
d: 42mm D: 52mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57685 SKF
£ 1.40 ex VAT
ZW40-47: Spacing Washer
ZW40-47: Distance Washer
d: 40mm D: 47mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57684 SKF
£ 1.10 ex VAT
ZW35-42: Spacing Washer
ZW35-42: Distance Washer
d: 35mm D: 42mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57683 SKF
£ 1.30 ex VAT
ZW30-37: Spacing Washer
ZW30-37: Distance Washer
d: 30mm D: 37mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57682 SKF
£ 1.20 ex VAT
ZW28-35: Spacing Washer
ZW28-35: Distance Washer
d: 28mm D: 35mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57681 SKF
£ 1.40 ex VAT
ZW25-32: Spacing Washer
ZW25-32: Distance Washer
d: 25mm D: 32mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57680 SKF
£ 1.25 ex VAT
ZW20-28: Spacing Washer
ZW20-28: Distance Washer
d: 20mm D: 28mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57679 SKF
£ 0.90 ex VAT
ZW17-24: Spacing Washer
ZW17-24: Distance Washer
d: 17mm D: 24mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57678 SKF
£ 1.50 ex VAT
ZW15-20: Spacing Washer
ZW15-20: Distance Washer
d: 15mm D: 20mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57677 SKF
£ 1.55 ex VAT
ZW12-17: Spacing Washer
ZW12-17: Distance Washer
d: 12mm D: 17mm B: 2mm, Wt: 0
ZX57676 SKF
£ 1.55 ex VAT
ZCV65: Linear Motion Equipment
Wt: 0.16 Kg
ZX57545 Premium
£ 25.45 ex VAT
ZCV55: Linear Motion Equipment
Wt: 0.08 Kg
ZX57544 Premium
£ 21.25 ex VAT

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